II. Multicultural/Diversity


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SEO: Diversity defines writing

American society defines different cultures in different ways.  Writers cover different tragedies all over the world and have to be culturally sensitive to avoid offensiveness.  In order to make sure your reporting fair you need to define diversity, follow diversity style guides and use the MIDS checklist.

What is diversity?

 Diversity in writing refers to the representation of all people.  Use the golden rule when writing.  You would not want someone to misrepresent your culture or a characteristic about you. Fairness and balance keep writers from making mistakes.  If you write without following these concepts your writing will not be diverse.    

Style guide to sensitivity

The Society of Professional Journalist offer a list of links that help writers say classify different types of people.  In example when referring to people who are not from this country you should never call them illegal aliens.  The correct terminology is illegal immigration.  Also, avoid using common stereotypes and re read stories to make sure you did not use them.

MIDS checklist

 MIDS is an acronym for Multicultures, ISMs, Diversity and Sensitivity.  Use this checklist to make sure you represent multiple cultures correctly in all you writing and avoid ISM words. If you respect all people and write fairly you are writing diversely. 


For more information go to these links:

– http://www.newsu.org/node/201302







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