The New Tug-of-War: Public Relations vs. Journalism








The New Tug-of-War: Public Relations vs. Journalism


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Is Public Relations Superior ?

Public Relations practitioners have a duty to follow ethical guidelines and think beyond the now when informing the public.  They conduct research to understand how different events will effect their target publics.  According to Rosanna Fiske, a writer for the Poynter Institute, she agrees that journalist are quick writers who have a knack for crafting good stories, however they lack in client management and research.  Other PR professionals agree that journalist are the urgent side or writing while public relation practitioners cover all realms.

Here is a spoof video produced by the Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter’s 2007 Annual Thoth Awards Gala.

Commonalities they Share

Although there are many differences between journalism and public relations they do share key values in common.  Writing is important to both of these professions.  Without strong writing skills success is not guaranteed in these fields.  Many former journalist are now members of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).  They also share a need to inform various public with credible information.  According to Bowles, journalists also care about their audience, practice fairness, accuracy and completeness.  Whether a Public Relations professional or journalist, there are common attributes that they share that can me integrated into each other.

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