Sports PR Today

Sports PR Today

Overseeing the public and community relations department of the Baltimore Ravens is no easy feat, but Kevin Byrne makes it look easy.  He captured University of Maryland students attention when describing his job.  Despite the late nights and early mornings, he would not trade this job for anything.  So how can you score a job like this?  Get the client to say yes to the interview.  

 Grades are not the deciding factor when it comes to sports PR.  GPAs do not help if you have no experience applying what you learn in class.  “No one in your adult life asks you about your grades,” said Byrne.  Internships are the key to landing a great job in sports PR.  Having that experience under your belt prepares you for the big leagues.  Like any sports team, not every player wants to give an interview.  As a PR professional it is your job to get the player to say yes.  Byrne advises students to learn the power of persuasion when it comes to communication.

Communication with players also comes in handy when there is a crisis, especially when there are two sides to every story. Players need to know they can trust their representation.  Being able to handle a public scandal efficiently proves that you have the organizations best interest at heart as well as your reputation.

Want to hear from more professionals ? Watch the UVA PRSSA Sports Panel

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