InDesign: Trials and Tribulations

I know what you’re thinking…InDesign is a nightmare.  All the tools and buttons make the average student shy away from this software.  However, InDesign is one of the best applications public relations students will use beyond the classroom.  Crafting the best newsletters, fact sheets and brochures require InDesign. Mastering InDesign elevates resumes and increases your job potential in digital media.

Get Started

          Before beginning to create a new project always draw it out first.  A rough sketch helps envision the design you want to create.  Diving strait into InDesign with no vision will lead to frustration.  I tried to work on my newsletter without drawing it out first and it stalled my productivity.  Additionally, pick out a few color schemes that will fit the organization based on what different colors represent.  In example, red is not a good color to use if you are writing a fact sheet for a diaper company.


Learn the Basics First

          I practice InDesign a couple times a week and I still struggle with the basics.  However, the more I practice the better I get. Placing images, drawing text boxes and resizing images are a few things you should learn immediately.  These are basic elements that go into making most documents in InDesign.  Also, while learning the basics take good notes.  Taking good notes allows you to remember what you learned.

Here is a video of the basics !

Edit, Edit, Edit

          Lastly, edit as much as possible.  The first draft of the front cover of my newsletter was terrible.  I thought I would never figure out how to make a successful newsletter.  Once I received more feedback and researched other visually stunning newsletters, I began to get the hang of it.  Try new layout, take creative license but be able to explain why you made those choices.  The ultimate goal at the end of the day is to get published.


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